Sunday, February 03, 2013

Caffeine overdose

It's nearly 2am and I'm about as far from sleep as I've ever been. I am so not doing great in the "get more sleep" intention that I've set for myself. Plop. It might be the fact that I took my multi-vitamin avec green tea a little late in the day. Or maybe the fact that I had a coffee at my friend Lindsay's house at 7pm this evening when I picked up my daughter. Chances are, it's an even-Steven combination of the two. I'm a one cuppa coffee kinda girl and God forbid it's any time after 2pm or sleep just flat out eludes me. Obviously.

I'm happy to report that I'm doing pretty ok in some of my other "intention departments", though. Phone calls to my Grandparents? Check. A concerted effort to swear less? Check. Holiday away booked for just Zal and I? Check. Fairly decent start, I think.
I've also been exercising and eating healthier...although it is taking a tonne of willpower to not go dig into some crackers, cheese and pickles right now (quite possibly my fav night time snack) or a big ol' bowl of cereal (a childhood habit that all 4 of my kids have carried on). I've cut out all eating after supper as of this week. It's been damn hard and there is nothing saying that it will continue or that I won't slip every now and then. Moderation, right? Right. One BK chicken parmesan/onion ring/iced coffee combo slip won't kill me. And quite frankly, the chicken parm wasn't even close to what I hoped it would be. Those iced coffees though? Best ever. And I followed it all up with a homemade detox juice (thanx Lindsay). And let me tell you, liquid kale and ginger really know how to get things going with the flow.  : S

As for the exercising,  I tried a new workout dvd every day this week except for Thursday. I didn't fall in love with any of them so Zal convinced me to try one of the P90X workouts today, I believe it was #8, called core synergistics. Ugh. So hard. Extreme, even. Just as Tony claims. But worth it. I actually surprised myself in more areas then I did disappoint myself. And Zal thought I was cute so win-win and I'll definitely try more of them. What do I have to lose? Oh yeah, weight. Right.

This weekend has been fairly busy for us with parties, showers, soccer and a lovely supper out at The Keg with my two beautiful nieces. More soccer tomorrow and possibly a visit to the Wintershine Festival downtown. I best turn everything off (Dear brain, please cooperate) and get some zzzzzzz's. The fact that I don't have any little rugrats in my bed right now is mind boggling. But I just wish that Zal's snoring would chill the f*ck out. Honestly.

G'nite, sleep tight...whatever that means.


Lesley said...

Sleep is totally over rated

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste - I agree, who needs sleep! I wanted to stop by to thank you for including me in your Blog Roll. I'm super flattered and you totally made my day! =)

Celeste Glasser said...

No problem pocketfulofjoules, I look forward to your posts! Keep 'em comin'. : )