Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Long time, no blog. I suck. I know!

I have some serious catching up to do. Whaaattt? No Mexican holiday pics on here yet? No updates?No complaining about being back to reality and all that jazz? Nope. We've been really busy around here, but aren't we all?

Right at this very minute I am taking ten to scarf down a grilled cheese sammie and make a quick entry. I have a daughter who is home sick with a cold (go away germs, winter is officially OVER!) and I am up to my eyeballs in STUFF.

What in particular? Stuff we no longer want, need,'s The Hampton Village annual garage sale weekend and this year we're participating. Well, we were participants last year but just in the sense that we bought other people's STUFF and bought burgers from the community association as we walked around buying said STUFF. This year we're selling! Zaiden and Talia are super pumped to not only be able to make money from their own tables of toys, books, shoes and clothes but also from a lemonade/iced tea/popcorn stand they intend on setting up. My little entrepreneurs. Which reminds me that I should hit Costco up for some cups with lids and straws just to make life a wee bit easier on everyone involved. Oh, and Chicago Mix popcorn. That stuff is gonna sell like crazy. Unless I eat it all or my friend Melanie stops by. She is seriously addicted to it but the way I see it, there are far worse addictions out there.

Ok, my sandwich is finito and I still have closets to purge and a garage to tidy. I want all my ducks to be in a neat little row come Saturday morning and seeing as we have a crazy dance, soccer, Art & Talent Show, birthday party couple of days ahead of us this is going to take all my concentration and effort. Wish me luck! (I'm so easily distracted that it's not even funny)

I promise, next post will be better. Until then...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Excited, anxious & ready to go!

One more sleep until Mexico!

Why does packing for something so great have to suck so much?
I guess it's not just packing for the actual holiday but preparing the week for Gramma and the kids who are staying behind, as well. So much time and thought has to be put into that. We've pre-made some meals, cleaned the house, caught up on the laundry, hung an actual calendar with our actual schedule on the kitchen wall, watered all the plants, changed the linens....ummmmm, yeah, we're pert near exhausted but nearly ready to catch that Westjet direct to Puerto Vallarta at 9am tomorrow morning. I'm sure hoping that I can sleep tonight! So many variables run through your fool head late, late at night when you should be sleeping. I KNOW everything will be fine. I KNOW that we're leaving the kids in the best, most wonderful and capable hands...but still, I worry. I'm pretty sure it's just what all good Moms do. To be honest, it's not so much myself that I'm worried about...Zal might be a big old puddle on the airport floor in about 17 hours. We've never left the kids for this long together. It doesn't matter if they are 21, 17, 6 or 5, as long as we're living our babies they'll be.

Lesley and Curtis have been there since Friday evening. They say the weather is hot and the drinks are ice cold. Perfect. I am soooooo looking forward to spending time with those two. This may possibly be the best idea that she's ever persuaded me into, and she's sucked me into many good times, that girl.

Although I've scrutinized and downsized my packing twice now; I realize that I'm still bringing too much (probably), forgetting at least one important thing (more than likely), and can't stop stressing about the stupid 50lb weight limit. My shit is heavy. I do not travel "light".

I best get back to planning and organizing...time is a wasting! Watch out Mexico cuz here we come!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring hasn't sprung here yet, someone better inform the Easter Bunny!

Well, I guess it's safe to say that my intention of writing a lot more often isn't going oh so well!
I hate having big gaps of time between posts but there is always just so much going on. Oh well, I promise that I will keep in mind to try harder. Seeing as I have a hard time keeping things in mind, I may very well forget.

What's been going on around here? Oh, the usual...the twenty-something and teen driving us up the wall and back down again, little gaffers following in their older siblings footsteps, lots of dance classes, playing outside on the snow mountains and waves brought on by this year's seemingly never-ending snowfall, some spring cleaning and driving, driving and more DRIVING! It seems it's all I do these days. Between getting Devan to BJM High school (which is so NOT in our area) and the kids to their school and all the medi centre- medication trips we've made this winter it's getting a little old. I'm almost thinking that I should take on a courier or delivery job of some sort when I go back into the work force. Yikes. Going back to work...that's a scary concept! I am so grateful to Zal for holding down the financial fort that allows me to be home right now. My stress level is lower than it's ever been.
Life is far from perfect in our household, although Facebook and Instagram may not reflect as such.  We've had some really high ups and some super low downs. We're muddling our way through figuring it, and each other, out. That's what families do, at least that's what they say.

Today, both Zaiden and Talia are home. It's Talia's usual day off of school but Zaiden has a throat infection that he's been fighting since last Sunday night. Banana medicine to the rescue! He was actually resting/watching a movie when he decided to peek in on Talia and I who were cleaning and purging her room. Have you ever purged a princess' room? It's bloody exhausting!
They have both surprised me today. The usual is to see one or maybe up to seven  (and that's being liberal) old toys, books, stuffies in the cardboard boxes provided.

Today there is this:

Not too shabby at all. Of course they are both now old and smart enough to know that they can request a "Once Upon A Child" visit next week when they are on Easter break which will give them cash guessed it! MORE TOYS! Lol

Ok, I guess I should get back to my usual world of making lunches, laundry, cleaning and oh yeah, packing for Mmmmexico! Zal and I leave on April 8th for Puerto Vallarta for a whole wonderful week of just being Celeste and Zal, who will be hanging out with just Lesley and Curtis (although given the nature of all of our friendly, out-going and ummm, crazy personalities I have no doubt we will make more than a few friends!)
No kids. No responsibilities. No driving! Ahhhhh. Toes in the sand, drink in my hand!
I. Can't. Wait.

Until then, back to brushing Barbie and Monster High doll hair and trying to transform stupid Transformers (I really dislike them, they are far to delicate for your average six year old to manipulate into shape on their own and I always force them to the point of breaking because I have zero tolerance for crap like that) oh, and decorating for Easter. I'm shocked myself that I haven't done it yet. I hit up Dollarama and Safeway yesterday for some necessary supplies, though. Oh yeah, I have plans...

And because the holiday is quickly approaching mixed with the fact that I have been a far cry from a regular and timely blogger I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Easter from my house to your's! Here's hoping that all this snow we have in the prairies melts asap and that Spring is sprung upon us soon. I have had to assure Zaiden and Talia that the Easter Bunny is prepared for this type of situation. He owns snow shoes and a parka. He probably won't be up for the annual Easter egg hunt in the park, however. : S

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sneeze on down, sneeze on down the road...

It's Saturday night. Am I doing something wild and crazy? No. Something new and exciting? No.
Maybe something self-indulgent and kid-free? Oh no. I am at home, in bed, with a horrid cold that won't quit (must be related to my Christmas coldsore that was 2 legit 2 quit) ,watching The Wiz on tv with my two youngest weirdos, ummm, I mean kids! And yes, I mean the musical, The Wiz, circa 1978 starring Diana Ross, Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson. I would have never, ever, EVER bet that this would be a movie night selection. It came on, Talia's interest was peaked, Zaiden caught wind of it and they are both in our bed, eyes glued to the tv. They are also gettin' down with their bad selves when the funkier songs come on. Too funny. Literally. When I laugh, I cough. Ugh.

Zal and I are missing out on shakin' it up at my baby bro-in-laws 35th birthday party because of my stupid germ infested orifices and lack of a functioning voice. Boo. But it's best to rest up and let my body heal. We've been so slammed with colds, flus and infections this winter despite my very best efforts at keeping the germs at bay. Nothing seems to have been effective. Not a thing. Boo.

I still have much to be thankful for. At least I have a house that I love and a big old comfy bed to rest in when I'm sickly. Not to mention Zal's bigass tv in the bedroom. I suppose that wasn't a bad idea at all, thanx honey! And no one has had to be hospitalized with all this yuckiness that we've come down with. For that we are VERY blessed. Some are not so lucky. My cousin Ryan and his wife Arianni's new baby daughter is in the hospital in El Paso fighting RSV. She is otherwise strong and healthy. We have no doubt that she will fight this off if she is anything like her remarkable parents and big sister!  : )

So, tonight as I slather myself with Vicks, blow my nose for the millionth time, shoot another tablespoon of cough syrup (my Mom-in-law Joanne is right, the doctor prescribed stuff with codeine really is the only way to go!) and get comfy-cozy in my favorite patchwork quilt I'd like to give the following shout outs to the universe...




And that is all for tonight. My sincere apologies for the major lack of blogginess. Hoping that once I'm on the mend my brain will commence functioning as normal. Ha! Normal. As if.

And now back to my regular scheduled program..."ease on down, ease on down the road!"
My kids are absolutely LOVING this show. Who knew? Maybe our 70s get-ups last weekend for our friend Cris' 40th Bday made a bigger impact on them then we thought? To quote Talia, "Mommy, your costume for the party kinda looked like Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion all mixed".
Hmmmmmm, she has a point there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday, BigSexy!

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Zal Joel...

(look at the smirk on his face, what a lil' devil!)

and a little girl named called Celeste Anne...

(apparently my bangs have always misbehaved themselves)

And after kissing many frogs, bobbing for the wrong apples, trials & tribulations, misfits & mistakes they found each other. And it's GREAT! Life really couldn't be any better.

Happy 40th Birthday and Valentine's Day to my BigSexy, Zal.
*also known as Zalbert, Zalvis, Zalfred, Zally, Zalentine, Snal, Sully, Syndrome, Cook, Cookie and the odd time Lenny, but most importantly...DAD!*

You are everything I hoped for and everything I need, because you know everything about me...and you still love me.

I love you and appreciate you more than I can ever express. You truly are a good apple; the very best in the whole big ol' barrel.

Your BabyDoll.

4-ever & 4-always...taking care of business, because that's just what we do.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Every little thing is gonna be alright : )

Today was one of those days where you wake up and things aren't great, but they aren't horrible, they're just kinda blah. You know? Everybody has them every now and then.

Bad hair, bad skin, bad mood and attitude, messy house, land line is dead (huh?), umpteen loads of laundry to do and dirty dishes up the wazoo. Zal's out of town, 2 outta my 4 kids haven't been feeling great, the alarm didn't go off, we're gonna be late and this was all before the 8am Mommy Taxi got rollin'!

So, instead of tackling things head on, I did what any completely overwhelmed woman would do and went shopping! First stop was groceries. Not so exciting, but all the fresh fruit and veggies we bought will be better for me to snack on than the crap I usually succumb to.

Talia was my little sidekick again today and we were on a mission to find thee perfect piece of furniture (yes, I meant thee, not the. It's just way more Candice Olson sounding and I love her show) to which our awesome *Bob Marley Get Up, Stand Up ipad/ipod/iphone dock/speaker* will live on forever more. It is one sexy beast and it needs a deserving home.

Well, no such luck. A few possibilities but nothing yelled "Take me home my little baby!" just like Ronnie (and Eddie Money) sang. Oh well.

These are the two strongest contenders:

Nice. Well made. All real wood for only $85, and although I was able to talk the guys at the thrift store down to $70, there was a matching headboard and two dressers. I really didn't have the heart to break up the set. I know someone will buy them all before the weekend is through.
Besides which, it is perhaps a wee bit too fancy-schmancy for our living room and not really the best fit with the speaker {aka: Bob-o, Marley Man, Mr. Bob, I have a tendency to name inanimate objects. Don't judge me}

So next was this guy, a bargain at only $10 but definitely not real wood and would need some gussying up in the form of a paint job. We have been thinking the piece should have some color as Mr. Bob is wood tone to begin with. I like this guy a lot but I'm not known for my speed and efficiency when doing DIY projects and besides which he's a little bit stumpy, like George Costanza. I think the piece we end up with needs more height so we're not forever bending over to change the tunes.

***NOTE TO SELF; We NEED a boot rack/mitt dryer! How did you not notice the one in the background?***

Then, at another shop was this dainty lady for only $10, and I have been desiring after a bar cart because God knows that Zal and I love to throw a good ol' party. But it just seems too prissy. I like the brass, not so much the glass. I hate to dust and fingerprints make me angry. So, no.

But I have to admit that I am still thinking about her...

I'd like to quickly interject that I am pretty much a thrift shop hoppin' hussy. I don't choose one over another. I like to hit them all. I donate to where I think the donations will best be used and/or dispersed and I shop where I will get the best deal for myself and my family. I generally find that I spend equally at each one throughout the year when I keep tabs on my buys. My donations almost always go towards helping people and organizations right here in Saskatoon.
For me, it's fun. I don't bring my religious or political beliefs with me when I'm thrifting and I don't care to be judged by others for it either. To each their own.

So what did we buy? Well, a Justin Bieber charm bracelet, Mickey Mouse earrings and a Roots hoodie for Talia, and a Columbia spring coat and some books for Zaiden, all at amazingly low prices. If nothing else, I am frugal.
And for myself, thee (there it is again) very best siwash or "cowichan sweater" EVER (which was explained to me as the politically correct name) and some pretty smokin' hot boots.
I didn't NEED either, but the price was right and what the heck, you only live once.

Check this out. It's way beyond $7.99 worth of greatness, really...and it makes me wish I had aspired to be an Olympic ice dancer.

These boots were obviously NOT made for walkin'; but they are damn-well-dinner-out-with-my-BigSexy-worthy. ; )

So, a blah day turned into a pretty alright day thanks to a few measly purchases and a cool little co-shopper. Other highlights were having lunch out with Talia who is such an inquisitive, talkative, friendly and funny little chicklette and a quick visit with my lil' brother-in-law and his daughter at his home run daycare. He amazes me. And holy crunk, do they ever have a massive variety of TOYS there, and I thought we had a lot! My kids were in Heaven.
The mega-bonus was that Fabi (his daughter) took one look at me and said, "I have a picture of you". And she ran to get it, the pic we sent out in Christmas cards this year. Yay! She recognizes me. She is such a sweetiepie and looks exactly like Devan did at her age, minus the long hair and girly-girlness. It's uncanny.

I guess I should tell you all that the house has been tidied (to some degree), dishes are done, laundry is rollin', phone has been fixed, hair has been tamed, mood and attitude have changed for the better, kids were bathed and put to bed a little earlier, multiple alarm clocks are set and right at this moment I'm not worried about a thing. Except this zit, it's driving me nuts.

Omg! I can't forget to add this little ray of sunshiny goodness. The sole reason (other than furniture hunting) for shopping today was to find myself a citrus juicer for my tea. I cannot believe how difficult was to track this sucker down; new or used! If there was a Stokes or something similar near me I guess I might have found one. But definitely not for $1.99. Score!

Seeing as it is quickly going on midnight, I am going to set my alarm clock and hit the hay. Although I had 2 large iced coffees today, I'm not going to let caffeine win tonight. This Momma Bear needs sleep. Morning sneaks up way too quickly and I have another dreaded dentist appointment to deal with. I can't say I hate our new dentist but I won't go so far as to say that I love him, either.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Caffeine overdose

It's nearly 2am and I'm about as far from sleep as I've ever been. I am so not doing great in the "get more sleep" intention that I've set for myself. Plop. It might be the fact that I took my multi-vitamin avec green tea a little late in the day. Or maybe the fact that I had a coffee at my friend Lindsay's house at 7pm this evening when I picked up my daughter. Chances are, it's an even-Steven combination of the two. I'm a one cuppa coffee kinda girl and God forbid it's any time after 2pm or sleep just flat out eludes me. Obviously.

I'm happy to report that I'm doing pretty ok in some of my other "intention departments", though. Phone calls to my Grandparents? Check. A concerted effort to swear less? Check. Holiday away booked for just Zal and I? Check. Fairly decent start, I think.
I've also been exercising and eating healthier...although it is taking a tonne of willpower to not go dig into some crackers, cheese and pickles right now (quite possibly my fav night time snack) or a big ol' bowl of cereal (a childhood habit that all 4 of my kids have carried on). I've cut out all eating after supper as of this week. It's been damn hard and there is nothing saying that it will continue or that I won't slip every now and then. Moderation, right? Right. One BK chicken parmesan/onion ring/iced coffee combo slip won't kill me. And quite frankly, the chicken parm wasn't even close to what I hoped it would be. Those iced coffees though? Best ever. And I followed it all up with a homemade detox juice (thanx Lindsay). And let me tell you, liquid kale and ginger really know how to get things going with the flow.  : S

As for the exercising,  I tried a new workout dvd every day this week except for Thursday. I didn't fall in love with any of them so Zal convinced me to try one of the P90X workouts today, I believe it was #8, called core synergistics. Ugh. So hard. Extreme, even. Just as Tony claims. But worth it. I actually surprised myself in more areas then I did disappoint myself. And Zal thought I was cute so win-win and I'll definitely try more of them. What do I have to lose? Oh yeah, weight. Right.

This weekend has been fairly busy for us with parties, showers, soccer and a lovely supper out at The Keg with my two beautiful nieces. More soccer tomorrow and possibly a visit to the Wintershine Festival downtown. I best turn everything off (Dear brain, please cooperate) and get some zzzzzzz's. The fact that I don't have any little rugrats in my bed right now is mind boggling. But I just wish that Zal's snoring would chill the f*ck out. Honestly.

G'nite, sleep tight...whatever that means.