Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sneeze on down, sneeze on down the road...

It's Saturday night. Am I doing something wild and crazy? No. Something new and exciting? No.
Maybe something self-indulgent and kid-free? Oh no. I am at home, in bed, with a horrid cold that won't quit (must be related to my Christmas coldsore that was 2 legit 2 quit) ,watching The Wiz on tv with my two youngest weirdos, ummm, I mean kids! And yes, I mean the musical, The Wiz, circa 1978 starring Diana Ross, Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson. I would have never, ever, EVER bet that this would be a movie night selection. It came on, Talia's interest was peaked, Zaiden caught wind of it and they are both in our bed, eyes glued to the tv. They are also gettin' down with their bad selves when the funkier songs come on. Too funny. Literally. When I laugh, I cough. Ugh.

Zal and I are missing out on shakin' it up at my baby bro-in-laws 35th birthday party because of my stupid germ infested orifices and lack of a functioning voice. Boo. But it's best to rest up and let my body heal. We've been so slammed with colds, flus and infections this winter despite my very best efforts at keeping the germs at bay. Nothing seems to have been effective. Not a thing. Boo.

I still have much to be thankful for. At least I have a house that I love and a big old comfy bed to rest in when I'm sickly. Not to mention Zal's bigass tv in the bedroom. I suppose that wasn't a bad idea at all, thanx honey! And no one has had to be hospitalized with all this yuckiness that we've come down with. For that we are VERY blessed. Some are not so lucky. My cousin Ryan and his wife Arianni's new baby daughter is in the hospital in El Paso fighting RSV. She is otherwise strong and healthy. We have no doubt that she will fight this off if she is anything like her remarkable parents and big sister!  : )

So, tonight as I slather myself with Vicks, blow my nose for the millionth time, shoot another tablespoon of cough syrup (my Mom-in-law Joanne is right, the doctor prescribed stuff with codeine really is the only way to go!) and get comfy-cozy in my favorite patchwork quilt I'd like to give the following shout outs to the universe...




And that is all for tonight. My sincere apologies for the major lack of blogginess. Hoping that once I'm on the mend my brain will commence functioning as normal. Ha! Normal. As if.

And now back to my regular scheduled program..."ease on down, ease on down the road!"
My kids are absolutely LOVING this show. Who knew? Maybe our 70s get-ups last weekend for our friend Cris' 40th Bday made a bigger impact on them then we thought? To quote Talia, "Mommy, your costume for the party kinda looked like Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion all mixed".
Hmmmmmm, she has a point there.

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