Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Long time, no blog. I suck. I know!

I have some serious catching up to do. Whaaattt? No Mexican holiday pics on here yet? No updates?No complaining about being back to reality and all that jazz? Nope. We've been really busy around here, but aren't we all?

Right at this very minute I am taking ten to scarf down a grilled cheese sammie and make a quick entry. I have a daughter who is home sick with a cold (go away germs, winter is officially OVER!) and I am up to my eyeballs in STUFF.

What in particular? Stuff we no longer want, need,'s The Hampton Village annual garage sale weekend and this year we're participating. Well, we were participants last year but just in the sense that we bought other people's STUFF and bought burgers from the community association as we walked around buying said STUFF. This year we're selling! Zaiden and Talia are super pumped to not only be able to make money from their own tables of toys, books, shoes and clothes but also from a lemonade/iced tea/popcorn stand they intend on setting up. My little entrepreneurs. Which reminds me that I should hit Costco up for some cups with lids and straws just to make life a wee bit easier on everyone involved. Oh, and Chicago Mix popcorn. That stuff is gonna sell like crazy. Unless I eat it all or my friend Melanie stops by. She is seriously addicted to it but the way I see it, there are far worse addictions out there.

Ok, my sandwich is finito and I still have closets to purge and a garage to tidy. I want all my ducks to be in a neat little row come Saturday morning and seeing as we have a crazy dance, soccer, Art & Talent Show, birthday party couple of days ahead of us this is going to take all my concentration and effort. Wish me luck! (I'm so easily distracted that it's not even funny)

I promise, next post will be better. Until then...

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Michelle said...

Oh I am so happy to hear that someone else is in the same boat! It'll all get done one way or another Celeste!