Sunday, April 07, 2013

Excited, anxious & ready to go!

One more sleep until Mexico!

Why does packing for something so great have to suck so much?
I guess it's not just packing for the actual holiday but preparing the week for Gramma and the kids who are staying behind, as well. So much time and thought has to be put into that. We've pre-made some meals, cleaned the house, caught up on the laundry, hung an actual calendar with our actual schedule on the kitchen wall, watered all the plants, changed the linens....ummmmm, yeah, we're pert near exhausted but nearly ready to catch that Westjet direct to Puerto Vallarta at 9am tomorrow morning. I'm sure hoping that I can sleep tonight! So many variables run through your fool head late, late at night when you should be sleeping. I KNOW everything will be fine. I KNOW that we're leaving the kids in the best, most wonderful and capable hands...but still, I worry. I'm pretty sure it's just what all good Moms do. To be honest, it's not so much myself that I'm worried about...Zal might be a big old puddle on the airport floor in about 17 hours. We've never left the kids for this long together. It doesn't matter if they are 21, 17, 6 or 5, as long as we're living our babies they'll be.

Lesley and Curtis have been there since Friday evening. They say the weather is hot and the drinks are ice cold. Perfect. I am soooooo looking forward to spending time with those two. This may possibly be the best idea that she's ever persuaded me into, and she's sucked me into many good times, that girl.

Although I've scrutinized and downsized my packing twice now; I realize that I'm still bringing too much (probably), forgetting at least one important thing (more than likely), and can't stop stressing about the stupid 50lb weight limit. My shit is heavy. I do not travel "light".

I best get back to planning and organizing...time is a wasting! Watch out Mexico cuz here we come!

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