Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brief is life but love is long.

Today was a good day. That's not to say that I have a lot of bad days or that this one was especially exciting in any major way, but it was good and that's the best one can hope for.

Devan started the new semester at his new high school and seems to like it. So far; so good. {Recurring theme in this post? Yep, I think so}
We even had a really decent heart to heart on the way home. All the way home! It was nice. I've been missing that kid he used to be and I think he's been missing the Mom he pushed away. I know he didn't mean to or want to...and he's growing past all that so we'll just keep rolling with the punches and rebuilding and redefining our relationship.
But it truly makes makes my heart so happy, you don't even know. : )

Anyways, that came later in the day...after dropping off the boys at school a string of great things happened...

I talked with my Gramma Dubord for 74 solid minutes on the phone without one interruption!
(Zaiden was at school, Talia was busy painting pictures. Sweet!)

I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered from my cousin for no real reason whatsoever, and aside from the confusion that ensued because the flower shop mixed up my card with some poor elderly lady's (who just lost her husband!) it really did pick me up and brighten my week. Thank you, Baby Germ!

I received 45 heart-shaped paper doilies (in pink, red and white) from my Lesley in the mail!
We plan on doing great things with them. Doily slash "Love Is" Valentines Day banner, anyone?

I conquered 7 loads of laundry. And yes, they are all washed, dried, folded and put away.
Well, mostly put away. : P

Talia not only asked me to "turn up the hip hop" on the way to pick up the boys, she also knew almost every single word to "Killing Me Softly"; Fugee style.
High fives to that, little miss girlfriend! You can be my co-pilot any day.

Then came the whole Devan conversation. He's always been very smart. Now that he's adding maturity to the mix it blows my mind!
"Oh, the places you'll go!" -Dr. Seuss

Zaiden read a whole entire library book to me all by himself! Yay!
He hardly stumbled on any words. Raising a reader ROCKS! But no, Zaiden, Daddy and I won't be having another baby so that you can read to him/her. Sorry BooBear.

Next was a pretty non-disgusting cleaning of the ensuite jet tub, which in itself is cause for a "good day" on it's own. Glass of wine, latest book and hot, bubbly jet tub, I will be seeing you later (wink, wink)

A positive outcome for a situation that my bestest has had on her plate recently has just reached me in form of a text message.
Firm but friendly. When and then, my friend. And hugs to you all!

Last, but not least was a bbm message from my honey saying that he will be home tonight, not tomorrow night as expected. Stuff like that makes me clap my hands in glee whilst doing a happy little jig. I dislike when he's on the road. I loathe it during the winter. L-o-a-t-h-e i-t.
Safe travels home, my BigSexy. If I time it right my bubble bath and your arrival home may just jive together perfectly. ; )
Plus the kids will be soooooo excited when they wake up to see Daddy!

Life is pretty great, today was good. Real good.
Hoping that your's was full of real goodness, too! And now I'm off to finish putting away that darn laundry.

PS: the title of this post was what the senders of the flowers intended for the elderly lady wrote on the card. Thank you Wade & Cathelijne (whoever you are) for unintentionally sharing one of the prettiest quotes I've ever heard.


Lesley said...

You had a productive, as well as good, day. Probably due to the limited number of texts I sent

Celeste Glasser said...

Your texts never slow me down. I hear that bike bell "ding, ding, ding" and I'm a happy girl.