Monday, January 28, 2013

Bring me two piña coladas, one for each hand!

I booked a trip to Mexico with my honey, my best friend and her honey (slash other best friend) last night! Yay! Just as I intended (with a little coercing from Lesley. Twist my drunken, rubber arm!)

70 days away and counting. We will each have a few days alone with our significant others but the majority will be spent in purely inebriated, hilarious, heartfelt happiness. We need the break, we've had a couple of roller coaster years and Zal and I have never been away together anywhere alone! They need the break, they've had a lot on their plates, too. Bottom line? We all deserve it.

Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have their best friend totally jive with their spouse. We jive all four ways! That may sound kinkier than a three way but it really isn't (unless you count Lesley's bribing Zal to agree to the trip with a hot bikini wax for his hot banana hammock region)  ; )

We were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Lesley, Curtis and their boys at their family cabin last August. Lesley and I erred on the side of safety with only committing to a few days, in fear that it may be "too much". Turns out everyone feels that it "wasn't enough".
How happy can that make our hearts? For real.
Only one family member was missing for that holiday, without a doubt he's grown up and extracted his head from his ass far enough to know that he won't be missing out next time. He was missed and Lesley helped me through the really rough parts...she was the best choice of God Mother for Devan that I could have ever picked. God forbid anything ever happen to me and I have to leave this world behind, I know without a doubt that she will beak in his ear, nag him into shape and be his biggest life cheerleader ever. She'd do it for all my kids but she holds an extra special place for Dev in her heart. She's never stopped believing that he will end up being the great person he is intended to be. And he's taken good solid strides towards that this year.
PS: She's almost always right, but I don't tell her that too often!

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to the moon and back but raising teenagers and twenty-something year olds sucks. It really does. Why? Because its hard. And they do horrifying stuff. Or they do absolutely nothing at all! They screw things up to the utmost furthest extent all the while knowing so much damn better. We can't fix things for them, make their choices or hold their hands every hour of every day...but we'd like to. Because we love the living daylights outta them. They'll all find their way...roots & wings. Hopefully both my older boys discover their's before we have to go into Round 2 with their younger siblings.
To quote Doug and The Slugs, I'll be taking it day by day by day by day...until then rewarding ourselves for a job well done in Puerto Vallarta with some juicy, boozy cocktails in hand is a really brilliant idea. Ole!

Seeing as Zal and I like to do things ass backwards sometimes just for shits & giggles perhaps I should insert a small prayer in here, as well...

Our Father, who art in Heaven (and the Canadian passport employees in the Saskatoon office); please deliver our applications not into evil, but into our ever-grateful (albeit nervous) hands sooner rather than later so we can actually make the trip. But lead us not into temptation while we're there! Amen.


Lesley said...

Oh man. Crying at work. "Roots and wings". You know it.

Celeste Glasser said...

No crying allowed! Thanx for the kick in the vacationing arse.